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Chaga mushrooms now available in chunk form

 by the ounce or by the pound!


Please contact me through either

   Mother Nature sure outdid herself with the Birch tree. Not only does it provide Chaga, the "King of Herbs" but all the wood products made from Birch!

Here's a clock framed in Birch.
•Birch wood finish
•16" diameter
Made famous by many whitewater rafters and kayakers located on the West Branch of the Penobscot River near Mt. Katahdin and Baxter State Park



Wall Decals

Product Information
Wall Decals Reusable Wall GraphicsWall decals are printed on a reusable vinyl with a special adhesive that sticks to walls without harming them. No tape. No tacks. No marks.

  • Measures 20" x 12"
  • Won't hurt walls
  • Can be moved and reused

Available through my store at: 

 Spring Waterfall Wall Decal at Maine Nature Store


Wall Clocks also available! 

Product Information
Decorate any room in your home or office with our 10 inch analog wall clock.
  • Precise quartz movements to guarantee accurate time
  • Black plastic case with clear plastic lens
  • 10" diameter
  • Requires 1 AA battery (included).

Penobscot River near Sentinel Mountain

The mighty Penobscot River, one of the most pristine areas loved by whitewater rafter, hikers and nature lovers of all kinds. Near the northern end of the Appalachian Trail.


Cribwork On Penobscot River Wall Clock

Made famous by many whitewater rafters and kayakers located on the West Branch of the Penobscot River


Father's Day is only a couple weeks away!  Still looking for a unique gift for the man in your life?  Now offering a zippered neoprene laptop case showing 
Jo Mary at sunset taken from North Twin Lake area.  

Check it out here: LAPTOP CASE

For another unique gift for the man in your life, how about a beverage can or bottle jacket? Not just any bottle cooler, this one has a view of Jo Mary Mountain at sunset  Jo Mary Sunset Velcro Beer Cooler

Check here for this and other customer gift ideas:           Beverage Bottle Jacket or Cooler

Looking for a Father's Day gift?  Tired of the boring shirt or tie?  Check out these unique, one of a kind special gifts! 

Ok, it's a wallet.  Maybe falls into the shirt or tie gift category.  But where will you find a wallet like this??  At my online store!  Go here:  MEN'S LEATHER WALLET

Or to pick out another unique gift go to the Home Page here:   MAINE NATURE ONLINE STORE

 A quality, heavy magnet the size of a business card. 
The mighty Penobscot in the Spring! 

To purchase please go to my online store:  

For more choices, go to the home page: 
 Maine Nature Online Store

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You never know what you'll find! Photography, antiques, collectibles--maybe even a Harley!
The following are just a sample of my original photos printed in archival quality in the size and mat of your choice.  Email me if you see something you like at

If you're in the area of Mount Katahdin, Baxter Park, Appalachian Trail and want to bring back a memento for yourself or a friend, in addition to my online store at, a selection of my work can be seen at Oscar's Tea Room, 19 Central Street, Millinocket, Maine.

Photo: It's official!  A selection of my photography is now available at Oscars Tea Wilbur's Antiques!  Presently, there are several sizes of matted pictures, some framed pictures, greeting cards, note cards and digital clocks with pictures and business card size magnets.  The inventory will change but if you have friends and relatives coming to visit this summer who might want to take back a memento, have them check Oscar,s where there are also some nice antiques!





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