Sunday, May 29, 2011

Katahdin Region's Uncertain Future Editorial

When reading the Bangor Daily News editorial this weekend online, Katahdin Region's Uncertain Future

Some of the comments made by other readers were very disturbing, here is the post:

I'm curious who wrote this, it seems to be pressing the state to assume TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars of liability for a sludge dump which is almost full ( Dolby  I and II are full, while Dolby  III has 15 of 17 "cells" completely full). 
Some facts about the Dolby land fills: The dumps also have NO Liner, since they were built before that was required. This means that an average of 90 MILLION gallons of contaminated leachate can escape into rivers, ponds and aquifers annually. "In the last ten years significant deterioration of the ground water conditions has occurred in the area north east of Dolby III"These two facts come from the Maine DEP, under the Water Quality Summary dated 5/24/11 If the state bought the dump, it would be liable for all injuries and illnesses associated with this.
Dolby III sank nine feet last year (more space right?)
When it comes to Hydro, I think we should remember that whoever owns those hydro damns is allowed to sell that "green" power to other states (through Renewable Energy Credits REC's), at a premium which can be double or more than the market rate for electricity. It is no wonder they want to shut down the mills, sell off the equipment and make more money selling power to Boston and Newark.
This article is also oxymoronic when it mentions industrial wind and tourism. Maine tourism is often based on the thought we are the "last frontier of the North East", showing un-touched nature. Industrial wind puts 400' towers on top of the highest terrain in the region, so you can't avoid seeing them and how Maine is no longer your nature escape.
Something this article did not mention is how  Katadian Paper is supposed to have a trust account to deal with closure of the Dolby III sludge dump, which as of December of 2009 had 7.5 million in it. As of today, the account is empty and no one knows why.
Hope this sheds some light on what is really go on with this sludge dump deal.

The Dolby landfill along the banks of Dolby Pond near GNP's former East Millinocket facility.


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