Sunday, May 29, 2011

My path to Ebay from the great north woods!

A Peek At Paradise!
What a world we live in....wasn't that long ago we never dreamed how important computers would become.  What a world I'm lucky enough to live in.  We're at the northern end of the Appalachian Trail and about an hour from two Provinces of Canada, all in the shadow of Mt. Katahdin and some of the most pristine forest in the country.  
My Girl Casey!
My best friend, a collie named Casey, and I go on many excursions.  In fact, if it wasn't for Casey, I almost spent an unintended night in the woods--lost!  We went to an area that was unfamiliar and I got so carried away with the scenery and taking pictures that before we knew it, it was dark--and I MEAN dark!  When they say you can't see your hand in front of you--it's true!!!  It was also getting VERY cold.  I didn't think she understood me but after I stumbled in the darkness for a very long time, I said "Take us home".  Somehow, she lead the way and after many hours, she got us back to the car!
I have a lot of things to thank Casey for too. That's how I got started with Maine Nature & Nostalgia.  Casey & I  spend so much time in the woods. I have always been such an admirer of the miracles of nature, now I have become a gatherer!  Some people go the the malls.  I go to the woods and come home with driftwood, fungus, rocks, pinecones and so many things nature has to offer.  These things were just so unique and beautiful.  I just had to do something with these things so I started making wreaths and mirrors from driftwood, painting on fungus--so many ideas, so little time :)  From time to time I've done some oil paintings.  I started taking some beautiful pictures so I could use the subjects for either oil paintings or to paint scenes on fungus.  Then again, some of the pictures are beautiful just as framed pictures.
 My other past time is going to good ole' country auctions and estate sales.  It's amazing what you can find in the great north woods!
So many paths to follow!  That's why you never know what you'll find here.  That's also why there may be times when there are no listings for a few days--we're probably on one of our excursions. 
Well, there you have it--the brief history of where the "nature" and the "nostalgia" comes from.  You might find an original creation or the collectible you've been looking for! 
I try very hard to describe my items as thoroughly as possible, include a lot of pictures so you can see exactly what you're buying, pack extremely well, send the items usually within 24 hours and be readily available to answer any emails or questions. 
Hope you'll drop in often to see what's new!

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